Mocuda (Maker Oracle Core Unit Dashboard) aims to be an entry point for Maker Oracles. It's just the beginning and we want to go ahead with the project. Base idea: provide all information that are needed for Oracle consumers to decide if the Maker Oracle is the right one. Two main streams need to be covered: onboarding and dashboard. The Onboarding process needs to be simplified, and the dashboard needs to provide essential information for potential consumers.

mocuda showcase

How it's made

Mocuda uses all available data points and makes it easy to fetch by indexing smart contracts via TheGraph and connecting to the Oracle libp2p network. A frontend visualizes the data. A Github Action periodically connects to the libp2p network (via Spire, a Maker Oracle Core Unit client) and stores the latest feeds to Filebase. The Graph indexes *all* smart contracts with the specified events -> If a new smart contract oracle will be introduced the subgraph does not need to be updated.