This app allows users to create NFT checksums which can verify file integrity and origination. The ability to add file-verification checksums to the blockchain solves the problem inherent to checksums since their inception–checksums lack provenance. By creating checksums linked to non-fungible tokens, we provide a means of tracing the checksum back to the minting address. If the originating wallet address of this NFT matches the known wallet address of the expected issuing body, the checksum tied to this NFT can both verify the integrity and the authenticity of a file. To use, users simply upload the file they wish to generate a checksum for, connect their wallet, and generate the checksum--users can then mint this generated checksum as an NFT.

NFT Checksum showcase

How it's made

This project is built on a React frontend, utilizing scaffold-eth as a template. The checksum contract is built using Solidity, and is deployed using Hardhat. Ethers, Metamask, WalletConnect, and Coinbase Wallet are all supported. The simplicity of the smart contract makes the security provided by the checksum this much more infallible. This contract may be accessed via CI/CD pipeline, thus potentially making this a developer utility for verifying binaries.