This project wants to give easy access and interact with friends and NFT holders using social media interactions, We made Score boards based on the rarity of traits and followers pool and interactions to calculate the scale of the projects, We are developing a solution to avoid scams using a trust gained tool using simple thing like if some friend have and NFT for a collection and the social media account related to the collection is active and have a decent pool, and it doesn't have any report the collection is less dangerous than a collection from an "influencer aka adult performer" that announce a collection raise money and in certain point withdraw the money and leaves or a "collection" that is literal a copy and paste from a real one Like B0red Ap3s or variation like misspelling using the same assets and claiming be the real one

NFT Proofing showcase

How it's made

This project is made using Angular and walletconnect we use external apis like twitter to verify and relevant data from the collections (usin opensea api) this part is in stand by because we dont have access to opensea api it manual using the contract address from the collection we make a trust process using simple metrics like frequency and presence in social media is the collection have followers with big number and does any friends have NFTs from a certain collection in future we want to implement a review system and a discord presence because a lot of NFT project have a community on discord, and we think that's can be helpful to the trust system