**Name**: NFTape **Description**: NFTape: partial common ownership recording toy for musicians **Idea**: We use "classic tape" as inspiration to create tape instances as NFTs to model collaboration processes between musicians. Artists compete for a resource to record, overdub and stream media. The Dapp models interactions between musicians resembling their creative process and helps them to stream money to each other as a reward mechanism and to signal confidence in the collaboration process. The resulting track can be minted as an NFT. Streaming project tokens directly into a liquidity pool allows musicians to earn and fund the collaboration right from the start and to monetize their work together.

NFTape showcase

How it's made

Uses the Superfluid SDK. Based on 🌊 Tradeable Cashflow example. Constant Flow Areement.The resulting track can be minted as an NFT. We deploey on Görli testnet. Frontend run on netlify. Roadmap: Claim you NFTape Playable Tapedeck Recording you Tape Mastering a final piece Marketplace