A Contributoy pension scheme for web3 users. As the Blockchain ecosystem continues to grow, there is a need for web3 clients and organizations to adopt a pension scheme that will help users retire well in the future. Pension Finance was conceived to help users contribute their pension into a smart contract vault that will be invested on their behalf. The contribution will continue to yield interest for them until they retire. this is a great investment idea for one's retirement.

PensionFi showcase

How it's made

The project backend was written with solidity smart contract that was tested and deployed to Polygon Mumbai testnet. it consists of two contracts, the NFT contracts for the Profile creation and the transaction contract for transferring the pension. The front-end was designed with Vite and React framework. Technologies like IPFS / Filecoin were used to store users' profiles as NFT in a decentralized fashion on Coinbase wallet and Wallet connect was integrated with metamask to give users a wide variety of wallet to connect with. Waku message system was integrated for group chat. Transak was a lifesaver. users can easily buy crypto assets using their native currency right into their wallets.