This project is about presenting a simplified dapp experience for onboarding and introducing new users to web3. Allowing authentication through familiar web2 social accounts is a big step in that direction, easing the hassle of setting up a wallet for new users. Once authenticated, the idea is to present the most commonly used web3 services (token balances and transfers, NFT balances and transfers, swaps, on-ramping) at the users disposal, without having the need to hop through multiple dapps.

Pizza-Wallet showcase

How it's made

Moralis was used as a database and for managing blockchain interactions. Covalent's API was used to assimilate price data and present historical portfolio value. Transak was used to provide on-ramping services to users. Additional functionality in the token tranfers (ENS resolution) was added through Moralis' wrapper for Unstoppable Domains' services. WalletConnect was one of the wallet solution integrated to ease user access.