Allows businesses to collateralize invoices and gain access to instant liquidity. The main contract Kenobi is the Governor. Kenobi can add Stakeholders and set a Main Invoice Owner and the entity to which the Main Invoice Owner have provided the services for named Enterprise . By default The main Invoice owner is granted 100 shares , representing 100% ownership of his invoice. Main Invoice Owner can offer those shares at a desired price. Stake Holders can buy the shares. When the Enterprise pays Kenobi the revenues are calculated and distributed according to the shares. We are using Babylon to create gardens and strategies to have granular control over the funds.

Project Kenobi  showcase

How it's made

We used a node js backend to call the Babylon smart contract using web3js. Started from a scaffold eth blank boiler plate. Used Solidity to write the smart contract. Babylon’s SDK helped in simplifying management of the pools and the funds associated with it. Membership could easily be mannaged with the NFts provided by Babylon. Created a custom integration with babylon to execute defi operations on strategies which directs the funds to Kenobi Contract.