It is a Web3 Social protocol that will foster community, built to provide users a voice to be heard, a platform to freely express themselves without fear of being moderated or having their data sold to big cooperations. Quilt, is a protocol built on Web3 that'll allow users socialise with each other and conduct transactions without going to 'centralised' exchanges such as open sea, and have control over their data.

quilt showcase

How it's made

or the chat-dapp, we built it using gun ( for our p2p protocol. The universal GUN graph is distributed across all peers participating in the network. Currently researching on the alternatives available like OrbitDB ( and berty ( Along with that we used Solidity smart contract to establish an Escrow service that’ll allow grant our users the ability to trade their Web3 assets while being able to chat, and knowing the price of these assets (currently only accepts MATIC). However, we’re currently researching on how to integrate chainlink to our current version, allowing these users the choice of paying with their preferred cryptocurrencies in real time. Lastly via IPFS and its technologies we are allowing users to choose how they want to save the names of their friends/acquaintances wallet addresses