Protect your cryptos is tough. You can lose your cryptos by losing or forgetting your seed phase. You can protect your cryptos by moving your assets to a recoverable safe contract. You can set the backup address for recoverable safe contract to recover if you lost access to your old safe. In the future, I will add a feature to recover access to your recoverable safe contract by email. I will also add 2 factor authentication to the recoverable safe contract when withdrawing fund from the safe.

Recovery Crypto Management showcase

How it's made

I built the front end with react and use Material UI for styling. I built the contract with hardhat-zksyn. I deploy my contract on zksyn Testnet. I used the following technologies: zkSync - I deployed the contract on zkSync Testnet for cheap gas fee and allow anyone to pay the gas fee with any tokens Unstoppable Domains - Allow the user to login with Unstoppable Coinbase Wallet - Allow the user to use coinbase wallet to sign transaction