Rocket Protocol provides a permissionless infrastructure for scheduling the transfer of any ERC20 (and similar) tokens. Users, dApps, and even other smart contracts can interface with the Rocket Protocol when they need to schedule a token transfer within their ecosystems. DeFi wallets can quickly implement fully decentralized token scheduling, P2E games can create delayed token rewards for players, and you can even use rocket protocol as a personal dead man switch. Because of its extensibility rocket protocol can be implemented anywhere, quickly, and easily.

Rocket Protocol showcase

How it's made

This project is being deployed on the Polygon blockchain and other EVM compatible blockchains. It uses ERC20 and Chainlink Keepers. What we were able to do is create a protocol for scheduling token transfers putting the impetus on the protocol to deliver the transfer on time and in a decentralized way. We found that using Chainlink keepers along side independent incentives third party nodes helped make this process more efficient.