Sleepn is a game that incentivizes you to get better sleep. We're trying to make a digital game that translates in real world sleep improvement. You start the game by connecting a Fitbit wearable to get your sleep data. Then you mint a Bedroom NFT and get sleepn! You are rewarded per minute of sleep with REM & deep sleep paying the most. You have options to upgrade your Bedroom NFT sleep earnings with pillow, mattress, & sheet NFTs. Chainlink is used for our NFT trait randomizer. All of our 3D NFT art is stored with Filecoin's project. The goal is to make a fun digital game that translates into actually improving physical sleep.

Sleepn showcase

How it's made

All of the Sleepn smart contracts are deployed to Polygon. We use Superfluid to stream $SLEEP token to the user per minute of sleep. Gnosis Safe is used as Sleepn's treasury. The game itself is a mobile app built with React Native. We're using WalletConnect for the web3 wallet option. Our "Mattress Bank" uses Yearn's smart contracts. We started a $SLEEP liquidity pool using Uniswap's V3 contracts. We're using FitBit's API to get sleep data from a user's wearable.