Our project aims to take the concept/competition of superbowl/sports squares on the blockchain. Sport squares consist of a 10x10 grid, with each team assigned to the x or y axis. Each column and row is also assigned a random value from 0-9, these representing the last digit in the score of the game. Individuals can buy as many squares as they want and root for their square to be the winner! We aimed to decentralized and optimize the sports squares setup and competition by bringing all the logic and data on chain using Chainlink oracles. One problem of IRL sports squares is finding 100 people to buy squares can be a daunting task. We aim to fix this problem by mathmatically issuing the squares depending on how many people have bought squares. For instance, if only two people by squares, each person would be assigned 50% of the squares on the board.

SportsPools on the Blockchain showcase

How it's made

For the frontend we chose to start with scaffold-eth and built on top of it using Chakra-ui. We deployed the project using Fleek with IPFS which was a huge benefit getting a live demo up and running so easy and quick. We also utilized chainlink oracles to bring sport data on chain from theRundown API. We also deployed out smart contract to polygon Mumbai network which was great because it provided quick, cheap testing.