The recent events (UST) made us clear that there is a big need for education in the crypto ecosystem regarding stablecoins. So we decided to build an informational website + data dashboard for the public good. The project has the following contents/features: • Filterable Data-Table of the top Stablecoins (by Market Cap) • Global Aggregated KPIs & Charts of the Stablecoin Market (Market Cap, Volume, Velocity) • Detail Pages about each Coin with hand-picked research about the coin, their mechanism (e.g. Crypto-backed, Fiat-backed, Algorithmic, etc.), governance, associated risks • Live Data Charts (e.g. Price, Volume, Market Cap, Velocity) + KPIs for each of those coin • Educational Blog-like articles (researched and written by us) about the relevance of stablecoins, the stablecoin trilemma, and the different stablecoin mechanisms. showcase

How it's made

We build a NextJS application that fetches data from multiple data sources and pre-renders content for each page (as well as coin-subpages). For the static content (coin metadata + educational articles) we store data in the headless GraphCMS that we query with GraphQL in getStaticProps/Paths. The UI design of the app is derived from the classic Bloomberg Terminal. – We thought this is a pretty good fit regarding stablecoins. "Unfortunately" we didn't optimize our project regarding sponsor-prizes at all (didn't use any) because we really think the crypto space is in need for a data dashboard & educational content like this right now and even though we had some other more lucrative ideas we liked this project more (we will apply for Maker though as we have a pretty good subpage about DAI). Some more information about the data (where we fetch it from etc.) because this is an interesting part of the development story as we tried (and even implemented) so many different ways but always had to change because of some reason. First, we went for implementing public data adapters with CryptoStats (by @dmihal) that fetch directly from the DEX chain data indexed by The Graph because we think the way of fetching the data (where it is from etc.) is also an very important part about a public good and should be transparent. I started implementing a quite advanced adapter-bundle ( but then quickly realized this is not feasible within the time for the Hackathon (too many DEXes, Chains, etc.). We are in active contact with the team there and will shift to use publicly fetched data from there very soon though. In the end we went for fetching most of the data though CoinGecko as other sources (CoinMarketCap, Covalent, CoinAPI) either had insanse free-plan limitations or weren't offering historical data for free at all. We fetch news for the coin-newsticker in the lower right from Regarding performance, even though we aimed for quite a lot optimizations (serverside pre-fetching, caching) there a still a lot of low-hanging fruits that unfortunately drain load performance at the moment (e.g. for simplicity all the data is fetched everywhere not only regarding the active coin) – I'll fix this in the next weeks (after the judging period is over of course) :)