Users starts with a burner wallet or can login using a custom provider (Metamask, Coinbase Wallet and WalletConnect ) on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet. Once the user join a game (Hive), a the system will wait for a the at least the Hive to be completed of Bees (6 in total). The objective is to survive. BEEs never stop moving, their start on a random position at the HIVE, users can control the BEE direction with actions 1 time per block. Users can kill other bees or being killed by others as well (the one with more points win the battle) Also watch out of red zones (one ring turns red every 10 blocks killing all bees there).

Sting Royale showcase

How it's made

It was made using scaffold-eth-typescript (react, vite, typescript, solidity, and hardhat). The players are able to interact with the web client where they can do their moves and claim the nft. I've designed the assets using the Adobe suite and for the web game i've used the pixi.js library.