Stream Polis allows users to offer loans in exchange for a super token stream. The user offering the loan can set the required fee and collateral in the percentage of the loan amount and the duration. A second user is seeking a loan and has his salary in a stream, then he can take the offer, and then: 1 - The loan will be transferred from the offering user to the receiver. 2 - The collateral will be transferred to the Loan Contract. 3- The stream will start

stream-polis showcase

How it's made

Two majors contract, the first one is the lending marketplace, every time a trade has been made a loan factory contract (superfluid super app) will be deployed. The super app waits for the stream to start and in the call back will create a stream to the loan provider, In the frontend the user gives ACL to the loan factory contract, so the contract can start and stop the stream. The loan offering user and the loan taker approve also the contract to transfer the tokens between them. The front end queries the graph deployed on Mumbai for loan offers, trades, and summary.