Cross-chain Uniswap(Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, BNB Chain) Fork Uniswap and integrate Swing’s API to enable cross-chain token transfers(stablecoin transfers) and cross-chain swaps ​​ In this hackathon, I tried to complete above task. It is an Ethereum-based Uniswap-like structure that enables swapping with various chains such as polygon and Solana, and when you select the chain, tokens, and the amount to be sent, it informs you of a recommended bridge in conjunction with the swing API. Swap is completed when the bridge is selected and sent. (WIP), Due to lack of time, transaction transfer with Swing API was completed, and signing and claim could not be linked. in the demo, swap usdc from ethereum to polygon.

SwingSwapper showcase

How it's made

Cross chain quote search and approach sent tx for swap were implemented with Swing api. Token lists are uploaded and imported into IPFS, and token balance is imported through Covalent. In addition, the coinbase wallet and the unstoppable domains were linked with the wallet-connect as a wallet connector, and the payment was linked with the transak so that the user could easily purchase crypto and participate in the swap. Regarding infra, used alchemy, infura, hardhat for forking mainnet. it also based in eth-scaffold.