A platform for creators to receive tips from their community/fans, through Crypto. Currently, we have added the individual username feature, where you can get paid directly using your username. This makes use of the Moralis transfer function, and the dB to pull user info. Post-hackathon, we're looking to add services and individual link pages, to receive tips for various causes, and Quick transfers to ENS domains. In the future, we plan on adding private posts and products, for paid supporters to access. We are also looking to integrate with WalletConnect and Unstoppable domains for authentication, and Superfluid for recurring payments and subscriptions.

Tello showcase

How it's made

The project makes use of a Moralis server, to store usernames, and process authentication. It also makes use of the Covalent API for On-Chain info. We used React for the Frontend development and are hosting on the Blockchain, using Spheron. The product currently supports the Polygon blockchain and uses Moralis to process the payments to creators, using Native tokens, and USDT options.