Trust is an application that provides intuitive investing and payment solutions for employees and businesses adopting crypto. The problem that we solve is that employees and businesses face lots of friction when trying to make payments or investments using crypto. For example, it takes employees about 4 - 7 days to have funds in their investment account using traditional funds transfer processes such as ACH or bank transfer. Additionally, it is impossible for employees to manage and configure their investment assets (savings, investment, or retirement accounts - 401k or IRA) in real-time. For businesses, paying salaries in crypto can be time-consuming and anxiety-producing. DAO and crypto startup founders have to make individual payments to team members from their own wallets in a process that can take hours. Trust Finance makes it easy for employees to direct their income stream instantly to yield generating assets such as Stablecoin on Aave or Compound. Employees have the ability to customize their allocation; giving them greater control of their investment in real-time. Businesses can make batch payments and track finance transaction; saving them gas fee and time.

Trust Finance showcase

How it's made

The project is made with two branches, Web app and smart contracts. the web app holds the database that tracks activities of companies and users. This data is mainly user information and transaction details which are fed to the smart contracts on the back-end. The back-end holds the logic to on-ramp and onboard companies and users. The smart contracts hold the logic for distribution of funds from the employer to the employees. The employees receive payments in either superfluid streams or instant distribution depending on the mode of payment their employers provide. These modes give the user the ability to leverage their financial cash flow for services on chain. We offer people receiving payments in streams the ability to invest their streams into an yield bearing account periodically. These users can also receive loans leveraged by their streams ensuring a good user experience. Companies that decide to stick to conventional periodic payments will reduce the ability for their companies to use such services.