StockCoin allows users to come together and pool their money to buy shares of a company. It thereby lowers the barrier of entry by communal share ownership. Furthermore, it allows the user to control exactly which shares they want to buy, offering more control than other pooled investment products, such as ETFs. Coin holders can create and vote on proposals for their shares, such as buying/selling shares or casting votes in the general assembly.

UMA integration for Babylon Finance showcase

How it's made

We integrated smart contracts from Babylon to Balancerv2 and UMA, we are using several versions of solidity and we have constructed Interfaces to eliminate incompatibility.We built unit tests that showcase our system and tested for all the possible scenarios, we used hardhat to fork a mainnet fork so we could use contracts in mainnet, we used also hardhat to make tests and Solidity to create interfaces and implementations of smart contracts