USA Wallet is a friendly, simple wallet designed to help American no-coiners approach researching, buying, holding, and trading crypto tokens on the Polygon network. We route users to the MetaMask onboarding sequence, install Polygon as a network into MetaMask, offer research on our curated list of tokens, provide a fiat gateway to purchase Matic for USD, and a trading platform to access global liquidity on Polygon. Along the way we provide cartoon assistants to give step-by-step instructions and patriotic encouragement.

USA Wallet showcase

How it's made

This project is dedicated to using L2 chains starting with Polygon to drastically reduce network fees. This hack-a-thon we switched from OnRamper to Transak as the former failed to deliver on advertised ability to deliver Matic on Polygon for USD and the latter succeeds. USA Wallet's core is that provides user access control and asset indexing for display and trading controls. We also use TradingView as our price chart provider. Of course ReactJS glues it all together and Netlify serves it to our clients. Our second goal for this 'thon was to replace our 1Inch Moralis plug in with another dex aggregator on Polygon. We began integrating 0x but soon discovered it does not support all the tokens we do. We shall integrate either OpenOcean or Kyber after the 'thon. We have a utility token built and ready to fair launch in parallel with our site going public, but that was not part of this 'thon.