This project consists of 3 main components: A trading engine, a Dapp and a set of handcrafted strategies. The trading engine interfaces with a DEX like dydx and carries out automated trades 24/7. We are primarily looking at spot and perpetual futures trading of cryptocurrencies right now. The bot has access to a pool of funds which it uses to place orders and is designed to take profits and losses as soon as they are viable. This is where our handcrafted strategies come into play that allow our bots to make small but steady returns of upto 1% daily! Our in-house quant strategist develops these strategies and we constantly backtest and paper trade to manage our risk. The dapp is the portal to aping in on these gains! Anyone with a wallet can simply sign in and deposit funds to start earning daily returns. This is how hedge funds are supposed to operate.

WAGMI Capital showcase

How it's made

We built the trading bot from scratch in python and employed dydx's Python API client to interface with the DEX. It connects to Chainstack's nodes to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and place trades on dydx's DEX. The trading bot trades from a pool of funds which is a simple Ethereum account for now. We plan to make it a full-fledged vault in the future. The dapp hosted on IPFS allows Metamask and WalletCOnnect users to authenticate and deposit funds into the above-mentioned Ethereum account. This allows them to start generating returns immediately and they are free to withdraw at any time. The strategies themselves are written in Python and fed to the bot and listed on the dapp with performance metrics. Users can choose the strategy of their choice based on daily performance and risk.