It's common to create small crypto social groups at work, but often that's where it ends. With WorkPools, you can set up custom investment pools with your friends and strategize the best ways to earn return on your crypto assets - without assuming the generally high volatility and risk associated with active trading. WorkPools reduces intimidation by creating a group space for coworkers/friends to learn about yield pools and invest together.

WorkPools showcase

How it's made

WorkPools uses a combination of smart contracts and fixed-income protocols to create a passive investing app focused on building communities. How it works: 1. Login with web3 provider 2. Select company, worldcoin verifies if a single transaction was made by this individual for this company, or if the pool already exists. 3. Create the pool / invite others by sharing a unique link to the pool. 4. View investment progress from the WorkPool dashboard. 5. Communicate with other individuals in the group and select passive investments. 6. Monitor your progress and unlock NFT rewards as your group reaches key investment progress markers (1k, 5k, 10k).