Yield club is a platform for complex indexes. It allows to compose complex indexes such as for example - USD metavault on top of multiple Yearn vaults. It abstracts the complexity from the user and allows him to earn USD yeilds with diversified portfolio of vaults. - Index of tokens or even yield products across multiple chains In this demo we focused on yield indexes. For example you can compose an index that will include yearn vaults with USD exposure such as DAI,USD,USDC and add aave deposit product aUSDC. Then you can setup a rebalancing strategy based on some market condition, for example you want to rebalance each month 20% of you index into a vault with the highest APY Users can easily enter this strategy with just one click and they need to hold only one token, without interacting with yearn or aave, while enjoying diversified yields with autorebalance with focus on highiest APY To create an index, first, you need to select an instruments you want to include in your index. There are several types of instruments you can select between : ERC20 tokens, AAVE deposits, Compound deposits, Yearn vaults After that you need to adjust weights for you instruments, for example 50%/50% between two instruments Than you can deploy an index on chain, and invest into it. In this demo we supported AAVE v3 and yearn vaults on Fantom. In the future, we plan to support cross-chain instruments, as well as add a auto-rebalance feature based on keepr technology

Yield Index showcase

How it's made

Yield club consists of frontend app deployed on spheron and set of smart contracts. Frontend app is written in Typescript.Smart contracts are written on solidity. We support Yearn,AAVE integration to compose indexes, all the swaps proceeded through Uniswap and spookySwap. The whole index is represented by an ERC-20 token