I believe that in order to get a community going backed with strong incentives is essential to projects, in this project, we allow bigger buyers to buy LSP success tokens from UMA in a collaborating project. We then allow them to create a guild on zkSync by minting NFT's for a tribe, the profits of the NFT sale goes to the DAO and to the buyer, to exit the locked LSP position the tribe decides when and also the bonus amounts are distributed amongst the tribe. The original buyer thus fractionalizes his ownership in a meaningful way that benefits him and the project.

zkTribe showcase

How it's made

We used UMA"s success tokens as the underlying collateral so that new projects can use it as a means to raise funds. However, UMA"s tokens are only available on Kovan whereas we wanted to create a tribe mint portal on zkSync where people can do quests for that project and so on. Thus we used connext to create a permissioned call from kovan to goerli to lock the tokens and then call goerli contract to begin the mint for that tribe on zkSync. I made use of the zkSync bridge from goerli to zkSync.