For the LFGrow Hackathon our team decided to build a decentralized social media platform with video content sharing and streaming capabilities: Web2 showed us the power of creators and audiences, yet left the creators to become vassals of the platform susceptible to every slight change of algorithm; not surprisingly it turned audiences into products exploiting their time and attention for a promise of free content. We want to offer the users and creators a truly democratic social platform with the same feel and experience as any existing web2 solution. Avid provides users and creators the comfort of web2 but empowers the creators to actively build relationships and be able to completely own and monetize their work. It empowers the audience to invest and grow with the creators they believe in. By doing that, they tear down the barriers of entry to the industry and promote early spotting of valuable content. Avid is set to revolutionize the creator economy and to serve as the gateway to a new decentralized ecosystem, allowing individuals and brands to go beyond the platform-centric marketing world of Web2, create a new class of assets and reclaim ownership of their digital presence.

Avid showcase

How it's made

Avid was built completely using Lens Protocol APIs, we are using Lens for all the social media features including profiles, posts, follows, and shares. We are using Livepeer for all the video upload and encoding plus live streaming features. All posts are converted into NFTs residing on the Polygon Chain.