The Buildster wants to enable individuals to personalize the look and feel of their sites, similar to how Friendster did back in the day, so that individuals can genuinely express themselves and have a social media platform that reflects who they truly are. This web 3.0 native social networking platform also allows users to promote their NFT's, as well as add a panel to showcase their abilities in areas such as art, writing, dance, editing, photography, video and so much more. This could be a place for builders to show to the world what they have built and what projects they are currently working on.

Buildster showcase

How it's made

The project is hosted on IPFS/IPNS/PINATA and resolved using ENS and Ceramic. For the database and backend, I utilized the Lit protocol, Chainlink for smart contracts, and Graph QL for database integration and backend. The Lens protocol enables several elements of the projects, like fan connections, monetization, and fair is fair, by allowing users to claim various nft badges for visiting or completing modest tasks on the platformThe Buildster will allow anyone to demonstrate their skills, abilities, nft's, blog, and creations, which will be minted via the Polygon network through Polygon studios. Livepeer will also enable and facilitate video conferencing or calls. The Toucan will be used for a variety of environmental and earth-related efforts that will be integrated into the project's social media platform in the future.