The project idea is to create a social network where developers interested in web3 confound all of the relevant content. dececode is based on the lens protocol, therefore, will allow (already do in some features) the completely lens-protocol features, create, profiles, create publications, follow, collect..... For web2 developers aiming to jump to web3 this platform should serve as a reference to jump-start into the web3 space. The model includes some paywall content that users can see with a subscription. This monetizing strategy should allow creators to earn for the content and in pay a gas fee for people jumping into the space. Part of the future work should be allowed serverside rendering as wall as re distribute ads monetization. The site will be server side rendered with off-wallet content for crawlers.

Dececode showcase

How it's made

The project heavily uses the lens protocol, I've deployed the full lens protocol contrast to Mumbai, I will put the addresses in the GitHub readme (lens hub proxy: 0x6e11fb244025A4f74A9BcAec58E8a142245301e4), I did that to test on Mumbai custom modules which were obliged to interact with the superfluid duper app contracts. The dapp is built in Angular, based on the starter-kit/schematics package 'angular-web3' (not yet published, actually the reason for participating in hackathons is to further develop and test the limits of the package). The subscription model is based on encryption and decryption using the lit protocol. For that, we have created a custom follow_module subscription based.