This project is a brief UI of a functional Marketplace where users can Mint/Sell NFT's. Its my first exposure with the technology so was a mixture of learning the fundamentals and trying to start building out this idea. The whole idea revolves around creating a space for fans (football initially and then eventually all sports) to interact and engage with eachother and trade presitigious collectibles. I want to build upon the already burgeoning communities social media has created but this time provide real value for creators and the everyday fan and provide a real sense of intimacy between everyone. Ideally, the established industry will need to meet these creative fans on their terms with more creative control and ownership. I would like to build out creative tools that content creators can personalise and use to engage with their audience like (voting systems / games). I really want to give more value to the average fan and build out these really personal echo chambers where you can find like minded fans.

Fanteract showcase

How it's made

Using Visual studio, node.js, IPFS, Github I set up my environment and configured all the necessary components. I wanted to have some exposure to the full-stack experience and wanted to implement Polygon as a consideration of Ethereum scaling issues. I then setup the front-end dev tools and I used Tailwind CSS which is suprisingly very useful. I initialised a new Hardhat environment at the root of my project and familiarised myself with its setup. I then created my first Smart Contract! This had the standard functionality to create the sale of marketplace items, selling, reselling, minting, updating price etc. I then ran my first test which after many tweaks passed! I then started building out the UI starting with the root and layout then querying contract marketplace items which would be used on multiple pages. My favourite part was building out the minting and listing of nfts.