We think Web3 needs a decentralised professional network for Web3. Since the starting point for most people in the space are Hackathons we use them as an Example of how this professional network could look like. Organizers can “publish” Hackathons, selecting a collect module to define how submissions should look like, who will be able to vote, define what prices can be won, and put escrows behind the prices. A participant can submit their work bei “commenting” on the “publication” of the Hackathon. Voters can then vote by collecting these comments. This enables us to have an overview of all ongoing Hackathons, we can have more creative voting strategies, like enabling participants to vote as well, and we can curate a Hacker Profile where all our submissions are public (Depending on the Follow Module)

Hackerverse - (Finding) the best LENS Project showcase

How it's made

Our design principles are to use the LENS protocol as the back-end to avoid the need for any centralization or error-prone paths. Furthermore, we try to focus on usability and use the paradigm of always clearly previewing anything that would be committed to the chain. Towards that end, the smart contracts were written in solidity, deployed on a hardhat local network for testing, and then uploaded to Mumbai Polygon test-net. The smart contracts are built so that we can leverage the modularity of LENS to use different voting modules in the future and allow for different voting mechanisms to be used. Currently, the supported functionalities on the smart contacts are tested through a happy path (positive test case): Collecting to vote Counting votes Getting winner(s) Providing an Escrow Claiming escrow after the time is up The front-end is based on NextJS to comply with the defacto-DApp standard and uses Tailwind CSS to achieve a smooth and intuitive design. Our Application allows you to connect your wallet through Blocknative Onboard to be inclusive to all wallets. It can create a profile on our LENS Version that we deployed on Mumbai Testnet, as well as connect an existing handle if you have one. Images that you want to use e.g. Profile Images are uploaded to an IPFS server and will automatically be linked through profile creation 🙂 Furthermore, you can explore the Hackathons and posts that are available, which are (at the moment partially) queried from the chain.