A gameified ERC20 Coin that features hyperinflation, robbing, hacking. Hyperinflation causes your coin value to double every X blocks. With robbing you can take half of another account... or loose half of yours. Hacking, hack the contract itself, you success. it is yours! All events in the coin triggers updates to a Lens profile for the followers to see.

Hyper Coin showcase

How it's made

Mostly raw solidity programming, I used Eth-scaffold for testing the features of the coin, it has a nice front end. Randomness using Chainlink VRF. Less protocol for post and profiles. When the HyperCoin contract is minted it creates a Lens Profile at the same time. Everything happens in the ERC coin itself. It makes the posts, creates the profile etc. OpenZeppelin is the base of the ERC20 then it adds the needed interfaces for Lens and Chainlink.