Karma is a mobile application empowered by Lens Protocol. It is a community DApp where people earn karma points by donating food, clothes, or anything that can be useful for others. To join, you connect your wallet and log in, then you will be prompted to create a profile. After logging in, you can now explore the features of Karma. The home is a feed where people can post their items and their meeting location. People near the meeting spot can claim it. Afterward, they can chat and set when they will meet. After the transaction, the giver is then rewarded one Karma point while others can reward him/her too, in a newer post.

Karma showcase

How it's made

Karma is a mobile application is built using React-Native on top of Expo Go for the front end while using the Lens Protocol Social Graph's API to authenticate, create profiles, and more in the future. We also deployed our contract utilizing Solidity on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet.