Our hack lists the most popular tokens on Crypto Twitter. To define popularity, we analyze the Social Graph of Crypto Twitter accounts and attach a unique reputation score to each - representing their influence in our space. We allow our users to tokenize their reputation score in their reputation NFT. Tokenizing web2 reputation will unlock a number of use cases that need a form of trust - like a crypto Airbnb or Uber. Our hack also aims to showcase a go-to-market for a decentralized Twitter alternative, which we hope inspires a new generation of Web3 DApps.

Kontext showcase

How it's made

First, our algorithm calculates a reputation score for each account in a set of Twitter influencers, based on their Social Graph. We then scrape their Tweets for mentions of any token. And show the result in a simple list interface, sorted by a token’s sum of reputation score. For minting our reputation NFTs, we use Polygon. And we use Ceramic Network / IDX for sybil-resistant claiming - by allowing only users with verified Twitter accounts to claim.