You and I are very sophisticated to see the potential in Lens Protocol now. For the Web3 native generation, building a distributed social graph will be very key to fostering communities, projects and businesses. However, it is clear that the underlying technology is currently in its infancy. After a long brainstorming session, we realized that we needed a visualization solution that would allow us to visualize and easily view the relationships, size, and quality of the individuals and organizations that inhabit web3. Lens Mandala, an application in the making, will clarify your current position. It is also challenging some of the accompanying issues, so please take a look at the project description from multiple perspectives.

Lens Mandala showcase

How it's made

We developed a Twitter-like web service using Next.js to call Profile Creation, Post, Mirror, and Collect on the Lens Protocol. We used IPFS (via Pinata) as a content storage location. We have included the ability to encrypt messages using the Lit Protocol so that it can only be showed to community members only. You can decrypt the message if you have one or more NFTs specified by the community. We have built an API to retrieve publications data from Lens Protocol Contract. The results were stored in Neo4j, a graph DB. We created a generative flowers by Unity to visually represent the statistics of the data. This makes it easier to understand the degree of community activity and provides an incentive for community activation. We have one NFT tied to the community on Lens, which was first made available for purchase with Toucan Protocol tokens. We developed this contract in Solidity. We believe this will promote awareness of environmental contributions.