Lenscan we allow DApp that are built on top of lens protocol to have an interface to view and get information about user graphs and posts. We also want to enable Toolkit use cases for example like When a DAO wants to read encrypted information from the DApp they can use lenscan as a toolkit to do so. In our showcase example we integrate with a DApp in this case Kitty Party and allow Kitty Party users to key in a username and email which is then encrypted via LIT and published into ipfs as a lens post. This can then be decrypted on by the DAO user.

lenscan showcase

How it's made

We first checked out all the lens contract integrations and created tasks as per the documentation. We then moved that into a create react app so that we could get the data and do follow etc. We integrated LIT Protocol into the frontend. The lens profile creation and posts we made into a server so that a DApp account can do the same. The graph for lens was a bit hacky since it was a factory contract to show the followers. I think we are pretty impressed with the encryption flow and possibilities for DAO's that LIT brings.