Hello everyone! We want to introduce you to Metacomics. We are collecting NFT for a while. Loved them and proud of our collections. But can we do more than just to be proud? That's why we will talk about Metacomics. 1. Using our app you can create stunning stories with your NFT. Easy framework will help you to build comic strips, interactive stories in just couple steps. 2. Of course, not everybody does have Bored Ape or Doodle in their collections. So we introduce you rent mechanics. In Metacomics you can create stories with any avatars on you choice. Legit. 3. Now. You created whole new story. It’s your new NFT. You can mint it if you want. Each NFT-strip will contain metadata with credits about NFT-actors.

Metacomics showcase

How it's made

This project uses Lens protocol to build a social graph and, in the future, to implement the rent of tokens (actors) for your story. Lens protocol is a key unit in our system. We use Spine tool for character animations. Spine helped us move animations from one character to another easy. Together with Lens, Spine helped us bring this project to life. Also thanks to all web3 stack, we learned how to do authorization through web3 in iOS app.