The project is to have a music streaming dapp where the artist can mint music as NFT and it could be streamed and if the user likes it they could buy it as NFT. The users can stream any songs the artist has uploaded and here the user can also choose if he wants a part of the NFT and buy it, once the artist makes it big the NFT value raises, thus encourages to support new indie artists to make it big.

MusicShare showcase

How it's made

The project uses is still not completed, Its Ethereum based project using Hardhat. Metamask wallet is used to connect , ERC721 is used to mint NFT. IPFS storage from filecoin is used. This project has just started and only very basic setup of each component is done. The project is still incomplete and the only very basic level of integration is done and the the minting and adding the songs as NFT was done manually and its directly added as the song.