Discover, research, and social NFTs, Basically, You can all NFTs and publication data in one place. A decentralized NFT Marketplace built on Polygon Also planning to build A decentralized NFT Marketplace built on Polygon -NFT Publication List -NFT list o-f owner lens protocols Also, We have developed an NFT contract and marketplace which attach with your application We have plan delop boilerplate - Module development over lens protocols - React app consume lens graph api - Smart contract which us lens protocol smart as base

nextsocial showcase

How it's made

NEXTjs with TypeScript front-end; LENS/Solidity/Polygon backend; Moralis for database and Solidity Next and Tailwind CSS for the Frontend Application Polygon L2 scaling solution for Ethereum, Smart contracts of NFT collection & the marketplace Graphql Ethers js Hardhat Typescript for project setup files