Using Lens Protocol as the foundation, LFGrow enables teams to build on the Lens Protocol by providing an abundance of hacking resources like mentors, sponsors, and software. It’s free to attend – visit to apply. NFT Curator : It is a promotional tool that helps advertisers to airdrop their NFTs in a new way based on Lens Protocol and Polygon technology. First, we combine Lens Protocol API to build a platform for community or advertisers to improve their project impression. It can connect Web2 and Web 3 users among social media in a verified way. Second,based on polygon technology the airdrop of NFT can be send automatically to target audience. Compared with traditional digital advertising, NFT Curator is fast with lower cost. By using NFT Curator, the cost just include gas fee and service fee.

NFT Curator showcase

How it's made

The build: - ERC-1155 smart contract - React-based NFT website - Superfluid Cashflow contract Technologies: - Polygon: All contracts and NFTs are on Polygon. - Ethers.js: All interactive with contracts are use ethers. - Antd: Most of our components are base on antd. - Superfluid: Anyone who burns NFT opens a SuperFluid stream paying the token. - Apollo-clinet: Follow someone is based on appllo while excute some task. - Node.js: for backend.