Open, Web3 Short-form social video & creator platform. Create your own Tiktok/Instagram-like social video web app. For creators, communities and businesses. Alvin5 frontend is being integrated with lens protocol and poligon, for a complete web3 social video platform. With custom lens protocol follow and collect modules, exciting new on-chain concepts is being explored such as token gated content, subscriptions and social token and dao concepts. Alvin5 platform is also integrated with livepeer short-form video processing and live stream integration is also planned. Demo at

"Open, web3 Tiktok/Instagram" showcase

How it's made

The project is positioned as full-scale short-form social video frontend platform for the Lens Protocol. Lens protocol enables on-chain monetization, subscription and social token concepts for the web3 social video platform. Polygon and Livepeer is used as backend infrastructure. Demo at