Plethora is a decentralized streaming platform for game shows. Participants can learn fun facts and earn points by correctly answering questions in events that can be hosted by anyone. Rewards are based on a host's reputation. In order to play, you will need to look for a topic and a host that you’re interested in. Once you’re in, you will now be able to see their live share and questions pop up. If you answer correctly, you get confetti! Plus, you also get an NFT from the Lens Protocol. You can use this earned NFT to host your own space, to boost other hosts, or just to sell on a third-party marketplace. We used the Lens Protocol for authentication, profile creation, and rewarding of NFTs. We used Livepeer to let users stream their events live and have the audience participate in real-time. And that’s it! We find this project very educational and there is definitely a plethora of hungry learners and a plethora of willing teachers in the world. Let’s connect them in a decentralized way!

Plethora showcase

How it's made

It's built on top of the Lens Protocol on Mumbai Polygon Testnet. We're using Livepeer for the video streaming of game shows. We created a smart contract for the NFT rewards and deployed it to the Polygon Mumbai Testnet blockchain. We used React to build the front-end part of the project.