This project uses the features of the lens protocol to build a web3 style blogging platform. It includes creating profile NFT, creating posts, collecting posts, getting posting revenue, following profiles, and putting data on IPFS. Users can use all the features without a password or email, using sign-in with Ethereum. And users can customize the domain name or bind the user's own domain name.

Punk3 showcase

How it's made

This project is built on an open-source basis. We use Vercel's platform starter kit as the base project. And use typescript/tailwindcss/next.js to build the front end. Use Prisma and PlanetScale to make it easy to store relational data in the database. We use the lens API to interact with the lens protocol, including creating profiles/posts, collecting, following, etc. We integrated sign-in with Ethereum into the NextAuth CredentialsProviders to make web3 login easier, and I think other projects can use our login method too. And we use the WAGMI library to integrate wallets. There are already some blogging products on the market, such as mirror, and we want to build a project that is open source, user-friendly, and uses the Lens protocol in combination with DAO functionality. This project is just the beginning. We believe that the magic of the Lens protocol can be used to build the next generation of user-owned, user-beneficial, communal, self-organizing social networks.