In Web2, recruiting often relies on sites like Linkedin, while the same job search/recruitment is needed in the Web3 world. In the web3 world, building a resume of your own requires both up-chain data and down-chain data (real-world data) to work together. For example, as a developer looking for a job, you need to show your Github , , and so on, and we'll do ratings and sorting for these projects.

Resum3 showcase

How it's made

1. users connect their wallet in the front-end page, and provide Github authorization to get related development data. 2. users create their own profile NFT, and update the profile NFT related properties such as Github url, commit score, development skill, etc., and score the development score. 3. users can also follow each other to form a social network. 4. the DAO/Company can follow the user and initiate an interview invitation to the user.