Description is an advanced search and discovery engine for the Lens protocol. Users can easily find content and devs can integrate this search infrastructure into their dapps with a few lines of code. Some features include: 
 • Full-text search based on content. Parse by: All of these words, Exact phrase, Any of these words, and Hashtags • Search through profiles with bio keywords, from certain profiles and mentioning others, min followers posts. • Filter by publications based on min Mirrors, Comments, and Collects. • Select which Lens App to view content from • Filter using dates

Sepana Lens Search showcase

How it's made

To build this we used The Graph to read the Lens blockchain data. Next we built an advanced Elasticsearch search engine on top of the data. We utilized the Lens API to build the social graph of Profiles for clustering and grouping of people and content. We then used ArangoDB to build a graph and embed it into the UI. We built a fully functioning search engine UI in Typescript and React . Lastly, we used SwaggerAPI to create the docs and endpoints for the search API.