This project is a blockchain social media application where users connect and share their experiences, users can decide to go anonymous too. The web application allows users to make posts, shorts(short videos, uploaded using LivePeer API), create comments, collect comments and posts which is stored in the users library, edit profile, follow users, etc. The web application uses Lens Protocol which is a Web3 social graph on the Polygon Proof-of-Stake blockchain for almost all app data. Lens Api is used throughout the application to give users seamless experience in interacting with the blockchain.

SpeakOut showcase

How it's made

The project has a React frontend that interacts with the Lens protocol API, it stores data using IPFS and stores videos using LivePeer. Ethers library was used to connect to the smart contract while GraphQl Apollo was used to fetch and post data to the lens Api, some routes needed to be signed by the user, for example, changing the profile picture, creating posts/shorts, creating comments, etc