This project aims to bring together communities based on a common factor of NFT ownership. The solution we planned to come forward with is to bridge the gap between NFT creators and buyers. Many a times, NFT communities have their own communication channels, making it hard to keep track of important updates (airdrops!) for buyers. NFT creators also face a similar problem of not being able to get through to buyers and a lot of communication is lost in a stream of messages. Regarding future steps, the main goal would be to fully integrate lens-api with the dApp. Communities can be made visible and hidden based on NFT creator settings. Most of the features are a work-in-progress and our team needs to get familiar with using Lens Protocol with Graph QL.

Sup showcase

How it's made

Uses Wagmi wallet connector to connect metamask/walletconnect/coinbase wallet on the frontend. Lens protocol for sign in, creation of profiles, and retrieval of existing profiles. NextJS, tailwindcss, GraphQL + Apollo Client, Typescript on the frontend stack. Used Finity Design System developed by Polygon.