Super Cool Streaming Room is a web3 TV channel curated by the community. Users can offer their media content and queue with it (the place in the queue depends on the number of tokens they have locked). Users can like the content and leave messages. These messages will appear in the general chat and will be linked to the specific media content that is currently on the air. This is implemented in such a way that the content that is currently on the air acts as a Lens post. People can use this service to advertise their services or brand, use it to show their streams through Livepeer. But that's what's on the surface. If you go deeper, our service is an analyzer of the user's media content that they've posted or interacted with through the Lens Protocol. That's where the power of Lens comes in. We can analyze a user's media in all the apps that use Lens, also analyze data from all the users we've interacted with, and show analytics based on which the user can grow

Super Cool Streaming Room showcase

How it's made

We used React as the frontend framework. We used the documentation to interact with the Lens Protocol indexer via GraphQL. We also wrote our own module that works as a queue on solidity and can interact with Lens Protocol. In the future, we want to make a service that would allow users to start a broadcast through Livepeer right in the service and queue it up