This is a most Futuristic Hack to interact with Teacher Bai's friend and play with Xiao Shan cat in the metaverse ecosystem. You can upload the video through XBTube and your video will be stored in the Block Chain, in order to memorize your interactions and activities with Xiao Shan Cat, feed, groom, pet Xiao Shan Cat and Xiao Shan's friends in different places, and go to different places with Xiao Shan, enjoy the unique video you forever and have fun! Q & A: 1. Who is Teacher Bai? Teacher Bai is a Software Engineer at 🐶. Also a solo artist( Teacher Bai love to hack stuff and is curious about Blockchain/Metaverse technology! 2. Who is Xiao Shan? Xiao Shan is a cute kitten of Teacher Bai, has a great reputation among Teacher Bai's friends. Teacher Bai makes a YouTube playlist( to keep Xiao Shan's like updates in the metaverse ecosystem(future design).

Teacher Bai's Friend XBTube showcase

How it's made

This is a Web3 video uploading and sharing platform, to help all Teacher Bai's Friend upload and share video in Web3 ecosystem. I build it using the below technologies: Languages: Solidity, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 Libraries: React.js, Web3.js Tools: IPFS Supported network: Matic Mumbai Test Network, Rinkeby Test Network