< Hi there > I'm a frequent traveler and want an all-in-one platform that allows me to plan my trips from beginning to the end. As I travel and talk to people, I realise it would be super cool if there's an open platform where every thing is a building block - accommodation, tour, tickets, travel buddies, guides, drivers - and you can just plug and play these blocks into your own itinerary, or even have a planner do it for you. < Pain points > · Reviews and ratings scattered across different booking platforms · Markups on local tours from international tour booking sites · Accommodation listing websites take a sizeable chunk (~15%) from hostels/hotels operators. Sometimes · It's a pain to track bookings from so many different sites < How I feel web3 helps > · Trackable and reliable reviews · Portable reviews. Imagine someone with good reputation can just port his profile across thetravelneko,,, or display his profile on his own website to attract people looking for guides. · Everything is now a lego block. Anyone can list anything from accmmodations (accommodation operators like hotels or airbnb), to tours (local tour guide, tour companies) etc. As a traveler, I can just schedule these into my travel planner within the platform easily. · Imagine if all accommodation operators, tour guide, or driver can just embed a booking form that links directly to an open booking platform into their own websites

thetravelneko showcase

How it's made

< Frontend > · React + Typescript + HTML/CSS < Backend > · Lens Protocol for social networking features - reviews, comments, follows, publishing of travel guides · Pinata + IPFS for pinning user profile photos < Design > · Polygon Finity Design · Chakra UI · and of course thetravelneko's internal design :)