This dapp allows people to asynchronously collaborate on written stories. You can start a story by creating a post, and others will be able to continue it by commenting on the post. The story can branch out to different versions and have different endings. You can mint an NFT of your favourite branch of a story, once it reaches an ending on that branch. Users can "like" story parts, giving them more visibility. You can also follow stories and profiles to keep up to date on their activity.

Write Together showcase

How it's made

This dapp is built on Lens Protocol. Starting a story is just creating a post, and users can continue the story by creating comments on that post. Attributes like the publication that the comment is continued from, page number, font, etc. are stored as metadata on each publication. Users can also follow profiles to see a feed of publications by their followed profiles. You can also "collect" comments that end a story. This will get all the content from that branch of the story (by following the "Continued from" attribute on each comment in the chain) and store that in the metadata description. Since Lens Protocol doesn't have the ability to "like" and follow publications, I wrote my own smart contract to keep track of those.