A social app to connect communities and builders in web3. In Web3, your reputation travels with you, it doesn't live in a siloed platform. Zilly helps you to curate and showcase this new digital identity based on Lens protocol. Create your web3 profile by aggregating on-chain data to your Lens profile (NFT, POAP, vote, post) and off-chain data (community you belong to / work for). Vision: - Social etherscan: discover and search for people and community in web3. - Token gated access to community discussion - Crowdfund, will allow you to raise funds for your community/project

Zilly showcase

How it's made

We are developing with react and Moralis. Moralis allows us to quickly develop thanks to its built-in wbe3 function. To talk with Polygon we're using ethers and alchemy. We are also heavily using the Lens API to connect our frontend with the Lens backend. We're really glad of what we have achieved in those few days and proud of our team, it was awesome!